Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welded in place

This week I hope to get the other side roughed in and welded. This picture shows tying the metal all together.

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  1. Hi Keith , I am doing the very same truck ! Mine was already a short bed , big window though . When I grafted my 77 RS subframe I narrowed as you , and spread the truck frame out to match the sub . After that I boxed it all the way back . It looks fairly clean and is real strong . Still undecided about the front bumper frame horns . I have a 350 TPI and want to have the air go straight in the front , that said I will probably leave the frame wide to allow a wider radiator and low enough to allow the intake to pass above . I had to make both "A" and "B" pillers , I live in the north east , @#%! salt . I also had to replace all the cab supports and the floor where you did , what a pain . Your work looks nice , keep it up . Mike