Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Engine Hoist

I received a Classic Trucks magazine in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad to see Rizzo back at the helm.
He had done an article on extending his engine hoist, to accomodate lifting his cab off his truck. I want you to know this idea has my mind going. It's a problem anyone, who has a garage in the backyard deals with.
I have followed him from his first stint with Classic Trucks and he and I have a lot in common. I was ready to go out and get some steel, and make one for myself. But after reading his article (several times) and looking at the pics., I've decided to wait another month. He said he will have an improved version with more info on it.
This is how things get created and refined. I know when I see his next article I will get more excited about it. It eliminates the awkward way of getting the cab on and off. And you can do it yourself.
Excellent job Riz.


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  2. Today you can get engine hoist in practically any size, form and with lifting capacities up to 8000 lbs. But as car mechanic, I understand the urge to build one by yourself.

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  6. I agree with his opinion and I suggest that people should do the same and purchase the Classic Trucks magazine, especially if they are looking for the best engine hoist. I'm sure this is something that we can all look forward to.